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This machine is capable of producing fin tubes, of various diameters, using a continuous finning process.
Finning requirements that may be performed by this system includes:
・Solid finning
・Serrated finning
・Spacing between fins
・Various heights of fin requirements
  • Solid state welder can work out much higher welding efficiency and make it possible to reduce 30% of electricity consumption comparing with vacuum-tube type welder.
  • The carriage uses AC servomotors enables to change fin pitches during welding.
  • A horizontal fin accumulator saves spaces and maximizes work storage capacity.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel which will display error messages, production data, power & speed of machine (by graph & digital values).
  • The power is adjusted automatically according to rotation speed which allows for easy control by the operator.
  • Easy access to the component of machines and equipment facilitates maintenance and minimizes repair cost.
  • A shot-blaster (option) efficiently cleans and smooths tube surface for increased fin weldability.
  • Flexible configurations make the system adaptable to any changes in the factory layout.
The Kusakabe Spiral Fin Tube Welding Machine System includes:
Solid Type
Serrate Type
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